Octomom Baby Train Comes to Screeching Halt

The mother of 14 will have uterine surgery that will leave her barren

Octomom is closing up her baby factory.

Mother of 14 Nadya Suleman will check into a California hospital this weekend, where she'll have surgery on her uterus that will make it virtually impossible for her to add any more children to her massive brood, Radar Online reported.

Doctors will remove benign fibroid tumors from Suleman's uterus, rendering her physically incapable of having any more kids.

Suleman, who said she's "terrified" about the surgery, told Radar that she'll leave her octuplets and six older kids with the army of nannies who care for the family.

Suleman gained nationwide fame as the "Octomom" after the cash-strapped young woman gave birth to octuplets via in-vitro fertilization. It was later discovered that she had six other children, all conceived in the lab.

Since then, she's been the center of a media firestorm that's seen the creation of "Octomom: the Musical" and spurned multiple lawsuits, the latest of which comes courtesy of celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who alleges that Suleman has "exploited" her eight kids. She's even applied to trademark the word "Octomom."

Suleman is getting a will written as a precaution for the uterine surgery. It will likely take her a week to recover post-op, she said.

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