Octo-Grandmom: I Didn't Know My Daughter Was Preggers

The grandmother of the California octuplets said she had no idea that her daughter was pregnant with eight children until the 33-year-old single mother began showing.

Angela Suleman told CBS' "Early Show" said that she initially resented her daughter, Nadya, for having a half dozen embryos implanted by in-vitro fertilization when she was struggling to support her six kids. The resentment eventually gave way to joy.

"I was actually very upset that my daughter had gone and done this in-vitro," she said, "but after I saw them, you know, I thought, 'My goodness, these are my grandchildren. They're so tiny and fragile. I'll have to be there for them, you know, like I was for the others.'" 

Nadya didn't tell her mother about her most recent in-vitro treatment "because she knew I didn't want her to do it," her mother said.

The grandmother said she feels overwhelmed "every day" and that she devotes all of her monthly retirement check to pay for the kids.

"[The retirement check] goes every month," she said. "It's just gone." 

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