Obamas' Home Draws Throngs of Tourists

The Obama family home on Greenwood Ave. has become the Chicago's newest landmark.

The Obama family home in Chicago has become the city's newest landmark.

It hasn't trumped the popularity of the Sears Tower or Wrigley Field but the brick house in Kenwood has drawn throngs of tourists from around the world to tree-lined Greenwood Ave. just hoping to catch a glimpse of history, USA Today reported.

"This is Chicago's most famous landmark now," tourist Sam Tanaka, 51, told the paper. "I feel like I am a part of this big moment in American history."

Security barriers prevent tourists from getting too close to the home that Obama purchased for $1.65 million in 2005, but that doesn't seem to matter much.

"People just want to come in and be associated with Obama in some kind of way," said Ishmael Alamin, who owns the Hyde Park barber shop that Obama has patronized for 14 years. "It's great for the neighborhood. It's buzzing right now."

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