Obama Weighs in on Jessica Simpson's Full Figure

Barack Obama weighed in on the Jessica Simpson controversy yesterday, sparking a firestorm of criticism that left many wondering why the President took aim at the pop starlet's full figure.

Obama, who was shown the cover of US Weekly, responded to "Today" show host Matt Lauer who pointed out that the President had been cropped out of photo of the Obama family that graced the magazine's cover. Lauer said Jessica Simpson -- who was featured on the mag -- had taken his place.   

"It's - it's - it's a little hurtful," Obama joked.

"You got replaced by Jessica Simpson," said Lauer.

"Yea, who's in a weight battle apparently," he said.

Though Obama was reading the headline emblazoned above the picture of Jess and not passing judgment on the pop princess, many were quick to criticize.

It didn't help that NBC initially released an incorrect transcript of the interview that misquoted Obama by saying that Simpson was "losing a weight battle."

"I went back and listened to the video, and it sounded that way to me, too," wrote Karen Tumulty for Time magazine's Swampland blog after NBC released the correct transcript. "Which makes it slightly better. I guess. But in the future, Mr. President, just don't go there."

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