New Pic Shows Jon Gosselin Plus Other Woman

A new photo capturing TLC reality dad Jon Gosselin with reported mistress Deanna Hummel has surfaced, showing the two on a March getaway to a ski resort.

The two were "close and chatty" as they watched a competition at the resort together, a witness told Us magazine, which released the photo on its Web site Thursday.

"There wasn't any making out or handholding," the onlooker said. "But there was that whole girly-smiley-chatty thing. She didn't look like somebody he'd just met."

Gosselin and Hummel, 23, a teacher, cuddled in a booth bar downstairs after the day on the slopes, where Jon filmed an episode of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" -- and a tipsy Gosselin could barely stay awake to flirt with his lady love.

"He was so smashed, his eyes were barely open," the same witness told the magazine.

Gosselin was blasted for allegedly cheating on wife Kate with Hummel in March, but has claimed in the press he didn't step out on his baby mama.

He's also been spotted guzzling beers with other women, but he explained they were family friends with whom he was simply passing time.

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