Michelle Obama Invites Nancy Reagan to Lunch

First ladies will meet for a private lunch

First Lady Michelle Obama extended a lunch nvitation this week to former presidential wife Nancy Reagan, who said Tuesday she felt snubbed by the commander in chief.

Michelle Obama asked Reagan, who was in town to honor what would've been President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, to a private lunch meeting at the White House, People magazine reported.

President Obama said at a bill-signing ceremony to commemorate Ronald Reagan that his wife "thinks the world of" the 88-year-old former First Lady, who kissed him on the cheek at the Tuesday ceremony.

Reagan told Vanity Fair in an interview that she felt left out when President Obama didn't invite her to a March meeting where he announced his reversal of a Bush-era ban on stem-cell research -- but that the President later apologized for his mistake.

A statue of Ronald Reagan was unveiled in Washington early Wednesday morning.

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