Levi's Mom Shouldn't Have Left State After Drug Bust: DA

The mother of teen dad and hockey hunk Levi Johnston shouldn't have left the state to make TV appearances because she is facing felony drug charges, the district attorney said.

Sherry Johnston, who is facing felony drug charges, left the state to gripe about her rocky relationship with the Palins -- her would-be in-laws -- on "The Tyra Banks Show" and "Larry King Live."

But prosecutor Roman Kalytiak said he thought Johnston -- mother of Levi Johnston who fathered a baby with the daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- was leaving for a justifiable reason and wouldn't have signed off on her travel if he knew she was making media rounds.

"[They] didn't say she was going out of state to appear on various TV shows," he told the Anchorage Daily News. "The way they phrased their (legal) motion, it sounded like some type of necessary family business."

The press junket was a family affair -- mom, daughter Mercede, 17, and son Levi, 18, blabbed about their family drama and the rift that has developed between the Johnstons and the Palins after the split of teen parents Levi and Bristol Palin.

The couple has a young son, Tripp.

"They just, like, they don't think of me the same way anymore," Levi told CBS's "The Early Show" in early April.

The high school dropout also made waves when his sister, Mercede, alleged that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin knew  the teen couple was having sex in her house during a televised interview.

"He was living there," Mercede said. "I hadn't seen him for months. He'd come home and shower every once in a while. He's gone. He lived there. ...They can't say, 'Oh he just stayed.' That's an absolute lie." 

Johnston is back in Alaska, her attorney told the Daily News.

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