Levi Johnston: My Family's Not White Trash

The father of Bristol Palin's baby boy says he's been treated like an outcast since the end of Gov. Sarah Palin's run for vice president.

Appearing in an interview broadcast Wednesday on CBS's "The Early Show," Levi Johnston said he felt a need to "get my side of the story out there."

The biggest misconception, he said, is that "my family's white trash."

A worsening feud has developed between the 19-year-old Johnston and the governor's family in the wake of Johnston's complaints about not being able see his young son Tripp, often enough. Now there is a dispute about whether Johnston had actually lived with the Palins.

"I can go over there whenever I want and see my baby," Levi said. "But I'm not allowed to take him, and it's not as comfortable going over there anymore with that family sitting down on the couch. It's awkward. I don't know. They just, like, they don't think of me the same way anymore."

Levi's sister, Mercede Johnston, said the Palins were lying when they said her brother wasn't living with them.

"He was living there," she said. "I hadn't seen him for two months. He'd come home and shower every once in awhile. He's gone. He lived there. ...They can't say, 'Oh he just stayed.' That's an absolute lie."

Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin's daughter, and at one point she had agree to marry Johnston, but that is now off.

Johnston said he "wouldn't call any baby a mistake. I love him more than anything. I wouldn't trade him for the world." Tripp was born Dec. 27.  

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