Jon: I'm Glad Emeril Pushed Kate “Out of the Way”

Reality TV show dad Jon praised celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse for pushing wife Kate "out of the way" and taking "control" on the 100th episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

"That's Kate's territory," Jon said. "And he went into her territory, which is funny because he took control and pushed her out of the way and did his thing." 

For the 100th episode of the TLC hit, the Gosselins put their differences aside (kind of) and celebrated with a family meal cooked by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse.

“I’m very impressed that this is your 100th show, Jon," Emeril said when he and the father of eight shared a moment in the kitchen. " I don’t know how you made it."

“I don’t either,” Jon said.

Following allegations of infidelity by both Jon and Kate -- he with a 23-year-old school teacher and she with her bodyguard – a nation of newfound TLC fans are paying rapt attention to the marriage woes of the reality couple. Suddenly, small moments take on greater significance.

There was Jon peeling 50 pounds of garlic while Kate went on about how shocked she was to see Jon in the kitchen for such a long period of time.

There was Kate trying to force Jon to use a different spatula while emptying a bowl, which prompted Emeril to tell her to leave Jon alone. Kate responded by hitting Emeril with the spatula.

Of course, that was only after Kate insisted the owner of the self-named restaurant empire change his chili-mac recipe to accommodate her love of crispy onions.

Jon ended the episode by saying that he hoped Emeril would come back someday. As long as Kate continues assaulting the chef with kitchenware, odds are slim.

TLC continues the television crossovers this Thursday with Jon & Kate featured on an episode of “American Chopper.”

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