U.S. Journalist Jailed in Iran Ends Hunger Strike

Jailed American journalist Roxana Saberi has ended her hunger strike a day after Iranian officials said she'll get an appeal hearing on her spy conviction, her father said.

"She has stopped her hunger strike. ... We are very relieved and happy that she stopped. We were very worried about her health," her father, Reza, told Reuters.

The 32-year-old freelance reporter was convicted of spying for the U.S. in Iran and went on a hunger strike on April 21 to protest her eight-year prison sentence.

An Iranian court will hold a hearing for her appeal next week, a judiciary spokesman said.

Saberi's father expressed grave concern for his daughter after visiting her in Tehran's Evin jail last week.

"She is in bad condition. She can hardly stand up," her father said after meeting with her. "I'm worried about her health. I'm worried about her life."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed for the release of Saberi last week, saying her survival counted on it.

"She is extremely unhappy and quite rebellious about being held in such a horrible situation," Clinton told the Senate Appropriations Committee last Thursday.

Saberi is a former beauty queen from North Dakota.

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