First Lady Takes Girls to Pub During “Secret” London Trip

Nothing fancy -- just steak, fish and chips

The First Gals ate like true Brits in England Monday night, with Michelle Obama tucking into a juicy sirloin while daughters Malia and Sasha enjoyed fish and chips at a traditional English pub.

The meal came during their surprise trip to London, as they extended the family vacation without the President, who is back in Washington. The first lady passed up pricier fare to take Malia, 10, and Sasha, 8, to The Audley in Mayfair, where they spent a little over two hours dining in the dark-paneled London mainstay, the Daily Mail of London reported.

Michelle sipped wine and ordered the $15 sirloin steak and the girls both had the $13 fish and chip dinner and Pepsi in the upstairs private room of the traditional pub just a stone's throw from the American Embassy in London. The cabal of secret service members in tow noshed on burgers, according to the paper.

"We had a booking of a table of 15, but we had no idea it was going to be them," gushed waitress Cintia Pinto to Daily Mail. "We were all speechless when they walked in. I couldn't believe it. But they were all very friendly. Smiling and laughing. They made us feel calm."

The bill came to about $322 and included a generous tip, the paper reported.

"The girls were so sweet and polite," the waitress said. "They thanked us every time we brought them something. It was a real honor."

The Obamas made their way to the pub after having tea with first lady Sarah Brown earlier in the day at 10 Downing Street. Michelle reportedly did not meet with Gordon Brown.

Today it is rumored that they will be given a tour of Pinewood Studios to see the set of the Harry Potter film, of which the girls are big fans.

The first lady joined President Obama in Paris last weekend after his trip to the Middle East and Europe. Michelle and the girls stayed behind in Paris and made an unannounced visit to London on Monday.

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