Counter Intelligence: Molten Rock, Hangovers & Bongs

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  • A geothermal drilling company has drilled a mile and a half deep on one of the islands of Hawaii and hit an undisturbed magma chamber, providing scientists the first look at how the 2000-degree molten rock is formed.
  • Areas such as New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward or Lower Manhattan that have endured significant devastation are encountering a new kind of commerce: disaster tourism. Voyeuristic as it may be, this type of tourism at these and other locations has drawn in throngs of tourists and bring in big bucks.
  • A new study indicates that "evil water" -- or water that inhibits progress -- is a real phenomenon. This kind of dead water effect is encountered both by ships and swimmers.
  • Turn water into wine? Eh, not quite. But turn boxed wine into a fine wine -- that you can do. The technique involves a short burst of electricity that virtually ages the wine, turning a young, acidic wine into something mellow.
  • Most of your body heat is not lost through your head. Sugar does not make kids hyper. And stop looking -- hangover cures don't exist.
  • Here's the best way to make a bong out of a skull.
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