Counter Intelligence: Doh! Watch Simpsons New Intro

Watch the Simpson's first new intro in 18 years and check out our daily list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over instant message or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

  • Sexting is the latest teen craze. No, this isn't another bogus-trend-of-the-day story courtesy of the New York Times. One in five teens admitting to sending other kids naked photos of themselves via cell phone -- but does that make them guilty of disseminating child porn? Some have already been charged.
  • RIP *67. Think you've got Caller ID beat? Think again. A service slated for release today allows cellphone users to see the phone number  -- and even the name and address in some cases --  associated with on blocked incoming calls.

  • The part of your brain that controls jealousy is the same part that detects physical pain, scientists revealed. A team of researchers claim that they have discovered the location of the jealousy in the brain. MRI scans showed that the frontal lobe became more active when patients felt jealous.
  • A-Rod's peers could take a hit on endorsement deals in the wake of the Yankees' slugger admission that he took steroids. The move reminded marketers that baseball players can still be a risky investment even a generation after Barry Bonds
  • The Simpsons changed its opening sequence for the first time in nearly 20 years for its HD premiere. Changes included the addition of some new characters and that Maggie's price has doubled to $486.52 when she is scanned at the grocery store. Check it out below: 
Check out the new Simpson's intro
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