Counter Intelligence: Corona, Cloud People & a Tortoise

Read this and you'll look smart and have something to talk about...

Read this and you'll look smart. You don't have to be intelligent to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of fascinating articles that will wow your friends, surprise your co-workers and make you seem sharp at a cocktail party or over the lunch counter....

  • Archaeologists have uncovered a fortified citadel in a remote area of Peru that could provide researchers with clues about the legendary white-skinned Cloud People of Peru that occupied the area but died off from disease and war in the 16th century.
  • Spanish surgeons injected muscle extracted from the leg of a patient with facial paralysis into both sides of his face. The procedure allowed the man to smoke for the first time in 11 years.
  • Jonathan the tortoise is believed to be the oldest animal alive. The reptile is 176 years old and currently lives on the South Atlantic island of St. Helena.
  • Scientists claim that the smell of fear is real. Chemical signals released by the body in sweat during times of panic can be picked up by others and trigger fear in their minds, too.
  • The light analyzed by Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe more than 400 years ago that he used to challenged established wisdom was most likely a thermonuclear explosion of a white  dwarf star and a nearby companion, a new study shows.
  • Corona is moving off the beach. "Vacation in a bottle" will no longer be the mantra for the popular beer. Instead. Corona will emphasize "refreshing moments" at social settings.
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