Counter Intelligence: Airport Freak-Out Caught on Tape

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  • Selling embarrassing items is a tough racket. The industry is not for the faint of heart (read: If the term "leakage" makes you cringe, then apply elsewhere). But for those who make a livelihood selling maxi pads to women or diapers to bed-wetting kids, breaking down social mores and being more direct in advertising -- "freedom from shame" -- seems to the most bankable approach of late, according to industry experts.
  • The 13-year-old British boy who claims to be the father of his girlfriend's baby said he will take a DNA test to prove that he is in fact the newborn's daddy. Two other teens came forward and claimed they were the baby's father.  
  • It's unlikely that those who undergo Guantanamo-style interrogation techniques would correctly remember the face of their torturer. Soldiers participating in mock prisoner of war exercises couldn't correctly ID their interrogators, a new study showed. Participants were given photos of someone other than their interrogators while in captivity. Hours after they were released, the soldiers incorrectly ID'd the person in the photos as their captor. This suggests that false memories implanted by researchers can seem exactly the same as real memories.
  • A leading scientist claims that it's "entirely reasonable" that we share the earth -- and possibly our bodies -- with alien life forms.  The British-born cosmologist said scientists ought to launch a "mission to earth" to scour the planet for alien life forms. He claimed that alien particles could even live within us.
    Airport Freak-Out
  • A Chinese woman who missed her flight to Hong Kong has become a You Tube sensation after her airport hysterics were captured on video. The inconsolable middle-aged woman body-checks a security guard, writhes on the floor and shrieks.  Check out the scene for yourself below:
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