Counter Intelligence: Sex Sells in Rough Economy

See why the recession can't put a damper on sex and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

  • Sex sells -- especially if the economy is tanking. The sales of sex accessories has risen significantly despite the recession with his-and-hers lubricants and sexual enhancement devices flying off store shelves. Personal lubricant sales skyrocketed by 32 percent and enhancement devices in mass market stores is up 74 percent.
  • Green Day's new album is the most popular in the U.S. but it will not be sold at Wal-Mart because of its explicit lyrics and content. The discount chain refuses to carry CDs that warrant the parental advisory sticker and since the band wouldn't censor the lyrics in its album "21st Century Breakdown" Wal-Mart decided axe the CD from its selection. 
  • Notorious potty mouth Rahm Emanuel was on the receiving end of an expletive-laced tirade during the weekly bipartisan mixer at the White House for members of Congress. Rep. Steven LaTourette was one of a few Republicans who were at the soiree and walked right up to the president's chief of staff and began a tirade than began with "your mother" and ended in a trail of profanity.
  • The 2010 Olympic torch is a sleek, stainless steel meter long structure that has a peculiar nickname: the Olympic Toke. Many claim the torch -- meant to evoke images of the snow, ice and winter spots -- instead resembles a lit joint. "I think people who already enjoy a joint themselves will feel a little more kinship to the Olympics," said editor of Cannabis Culture magazine. The torch will be carried by 12,000 people across Canada.
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