Counter Intelligence: The End (of the Internet) is Near

 See what happens when bandwidth can't support all the users and check out our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

  • The end is near. Computer "brownouts" that freeze machines will happen more frequently as room diminishes in cyber space, experts say. Consumer demand is already growing at a rate of 60 percent each year, and some say the bandwidth will not be able to support the number of users by 2010. The bandwidth run-out could cause the Internet to become an "unreliable toy."
  • An 8-foot-1 Chinese man is four inches taller than the man who holds the "tallest man" title but he has shunned the Guinness Book of Records. But the 27-year old isn't seeking fame as the world's tallest man and said he lived most of his life as a shut-in because of his height and isn't looking for any time in the limelight.
  • A plumped-up Kirstie Alley vowed she would shed the pounds during an appearance on Oprah: "I'm going to be in a bikini again!" The actress has regained the 75 lbs. she worked off in 2006, when she appeared on Oprah in a two piece. Alley visited the talk show queen to make her pledge to lose weight for a second time.
  • The city of Oakland proposed the nation's first pot tax that -- if approved -- would mean medical marijuana would be taxed 1.8 percent. Supporters claim the move would rake in between $400,000 to $1 million annually for the city, which is in financial dire straits.
  • Mercury is a planet with a lot of personality. The planet has an impact crater the length of a stretch from D.C. to Boston and shows evidence of a turbulent volcanic history. Mercury has always been thought of as a dull, unchanged world for the past four billion years. 
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