Archie to Shatter Decades-Old Love Triangle

Archie is finally growing up.

The famous red-headed comic book teen will pop the question to either Betty Cooper or Veronica Lodge in the No. 600 issue due in stores this August after nearly six decades of waffling back and forth between his blonde best friend and the stylish brunette.

"You will see him make the decision," Archie Comics editor in chief Victor Gorelick told the New York Post.

The marriage proposal will finally put to rest the decades-old love triangle that has pitted Betty, the blonde cheerleader, and her best friend Veronica, the stylish and snobby brunette, against one another..

The series, which turned 60 in 2002, follows the lives of the small-town teens and stars Archie, who is clumsy and slightly awkward.

"What would lead Archie to have marriage on his mind? And who would he choose, Veronica or Betty? How will Betty react? How will Veronica react? Can Archie shake off his klutzy past and hold down a steady job ... for more than a month? One thing is certain: This will be the biggest Archie Comics story ever!" an ad for the comic reads, the Post reported. 

A marriage proposal is not all that's in store for the 600th issue of the long-running comic series.

"He goes a bit into the future when he becomes engaged and married," Forelick told the Post. "We're not saying anything. The office is in lockdown." 

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