See Amazing Photos of a Very Pregnant Octo-Mom

Publicist claims Suleman receiving death threats

Now that's what you call very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very preggers.

These photos (click on the image to the left)  of an about-to-pop Nadya Suleman show the "Octo-mom" just eight days before she gave birth to a set of octuplets, TMZ revealed this morning.

The 33-year old is now a mother of 14 after she chose to have half a dozen embryos implanted through in-vitro fertilization. She gave birth to six boys and two girls on Jan. 26. The babies were all born nine weeks premature and were delivered through Cesarean section. They weighed between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.

"All I wanted was children," she told NBC's "Today" show. "I wanted to be a mom. That's all I ever wanted in my life." 

Suleman has come under scrutiny for implanting the six embryos — two of which split in utero — as an unemployed single mother who lives with her mom. She has also been criticized for being the recipient of $490 a month in food stamps.  She launched a web site yesterday to ask the public for financial help in raising her brood.

The main page of  the baby-themed site has pictures of the latest eight of Suleman's 14 children, and "thank yous" for the public — but the only clickable links are to make credit card donations or leave comments, which are kept private.

The website takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, or you can just send a big fat check directly to Suleman's publicist, whose address and phone number is listed.

Meanwhile, Suleman has received death threats, her publicist Joann Killeen claims, according to US Magazine.

The intimidation got so bad that Octo-mom and her other six children had to move out of the home she was sharing with her parents in southern California, and into a rented house.

"Because of the death threats to Nadya and her family, as well as the death threats to me and my agency, we were in a secure location last week," Killeen says on Thursday's "Dr. Phil" show. "When the risk was determined, it was no longer a high threat, we were able to leave that location."

Los Angeles police said they will investigate death threats, after meeting with Suleman's other publicist Mike Furtney.

Of the 500 new e-mails were received early Thursday, however, Furtney said not all are angry — one family from the Midwest has invited Suleman and her brood to live on their farm.

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