MTPD Acting Chief Really Can Act

THANKS, YouTube!

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Metro's latest groovy YouTube video warns intrepid riders of the rise in "grab and run" thefts of electronic devices on trains. Along with some truly happenin' music, we get a special message from MTPD Acting Chief Jeri Lee. Yep, acting chief! He acts very well, too. We can tell he's concerned about the scenarios presented in those reenactments.

"As we see more and more people using cell phones and portable music players in use, we also are seeing more thefts of these types of devices," he said. "These types of crimes are often crimes of opportunity."

Last year saw 894 robberies reported, up from 581 reported robberies in 2008. In January 2010, there were 122 reported robberies.

But more importantly (OK, less importantly), maybe as acting chief, Lee can help others improve their acting. Because our only real issue with the video reenactments? The women who have their iPods grabbed don't act enough. We'd be screeching words we couldn't actually put on such a quality family Web site as this one.

Continuing to view the fine cultural specimen of YouTube, we also discovered this charming recommendation from user "schuminweb":

Now Metro just needs to rerecord that safety announcement in the stations. Currently, the key word, "theft," is easily misunderstood, and sounds like "death." Thus "In order to prevent theft" becomes "In order to prevent death."

You know what? Good suggestion.

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