More Than Just a One-Hit Wonder

Tyrone Wells hits the Santa Fe Cafe

The song “Sea Breeze” has been sweeping Top 40 stations across the nation. Girls and guys alike enjoy the poetic lyrics and almost mystical tune of this song, which paints such a beautiful image. As the song infiltrates iPods and iTunes across the world, the artist, Tyrone Wells, is gaining fame.

It is likely that you may have heard this song and not heard of Wells, and I am here to tell you that that is a shame. “Sea Breeze,” as deep and intuitive as it is, is not Tyrone’s single stroke of genius. After spending last Friday night witnessing Wells live, I am convinced that “Sea Breeze” is merely a taste of what he has to offer.

Singing since a young age, Wells’ voice is truly what sets him apart. With a deep and almost melancholy sound, Wells’ voice is truly impressive. The show at Santa Fe Café in College Park was not set in your typical venue. Packed wall to wall with college students looking for a fun Friday night out, it seemed at times that the students were hardly paying attention to the show. Yet when Wells got to the end of the song, “Baby Don’t You Change,” most ears in the room were attentive. The song exhibited his extensive vocal range, and the power of his voice that seemed to captivate the audience.

Wells’ talent doesn’t stop at his voice. Friday night he stood on stage playing the guitar and jamming along with his talented band. Wells does more than sing and play, though, he also writes his own music. As a writer, he stands out as a uniquely gifted lyricist in this day and age.

“Never Be Without You” and “Falling” displayed his ability to tie lyrics and instruments together into a wonderful musical experience. Tyrone’s lyrics go deeper than your common-day pop and give you a taste of soul and gospel that inspired his music. Hearing these songs live is almost like watching a painter paint a scene. He uses instruments, his voice and the words to paint a beautiful picture for anyone willing to listen. Wells has the wonderful and rare ability to move you with his music and voice but also to touch you with his heartfelt lyrics.

Tastes of his new album, scheduled for a December release, seemed to show that it will not disappoint. He performed his new song “Remain,” and although staying true to his sound, it definitely gave a new feeling. One of the greatest parts of this show was how it seemed like a new show with each song. Wells has a very distinctive voice and sound, but somehow seems to reinvent himself with each song, and I believe that this means you will be hearing more about him in the future.

If you have yet to check him out, give his songs a listen at, and make sure to give more than just “Sea Breeze” a listen. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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