More Wine for Maryland's Winos

Farmers markets could benefit

If a proposed law goes through, it'll be even easier for Maryland's winos and oenophiles to get their drink on.

Two Maryland delegates have introduced a bill that would let you get your fill of wine -- be it corked, screwed or boxed -- at farmer's markets, reports the Silver Spring Penguin.

The law would allow vendors to sell wine by the bottle, but not by the glass, using up to 12 special-event wine permits a year. Each permit would be good for a weekend, allowing wineries to ply their trade to a number of pinky-lifting drinkers. Notes the site: "That might mean a single winery can hit the Bethesda farm women’s co-op on a Friday, then downtown Silver Spring’s FreshFarm market on a Saturday, and then wrap up the weekend at either the Takoma Park or Wheaton farmers markets."

Nothing effete about that. Nosiree.

Before you dream about picking up your freshly harvested arugula and pinots in one trip and in one canvas, environmentally friendly bag, have a drink and relax. The bill faces a stiff challenge, not unlike the heavy oaken tones of a... eh, this wine-writing thing isn't for us.

Basically, to let the bill go through would cut out the middle men. Current Maryland law doesn't allow producers to sell directly to consumers. The site notes that a previous attempt to allow Internet sales was defeated by the middle men. Not because they'd stand to lose business. Nope. They were doing it for honest reasons, like that Maryland wouldn't be able to capture all the taxes it's entitled to. Gee, that's noble.

So for now, you'll have to trudge to the store, making a separate trip in your Prius if you want to pair your melange of vegetables with a good vino.

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