Montgomery County Considers “Smart Growth” to Improve Traffic

A new development planned for Connecticut Avenue between the Beltway and the East-West Highway in the Chevy Chase Lakes area would reshape one of the most congested corridor in the region, but not everyone is sold.

Montgomery County is trying to figure out how the area should grow, but some worry new development will mean more traffic.

Officials are considering so-called “smart growth” -- a mix of new housing and office space with improved intersections and access to public transit like the Purple Line.

The average daily traffic volume between the Beltway and the East-West Highway is about 67,500 cars per day. While that number won’t decrease with new development, but some county estimates find that with well thought out redevelopment, traffic improvements could shave about a minute off the time it takes to get through some intersections.

Commuters News4 spoke to Tuesday said they'll believe that when they see it.

The county council is also looking at the height limits for new buildings in the area to manage growth.

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