Model Katie Rost at Monte Carlo-Themed Benefit: “I’m Lady Luck”

051710 Rost LLS p1
Kate Michael

Sugar Ray Leonard was a no-show at the charity benefit event he was set to co-host with model Katie Rost, but the knockout best known for dating Russell Simmons proved she may not need the boxer after all.

Rost hosted the Monte Carlo-themed benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at the Potomac Country Club over the weekend where she was vying for the title of Woman of the Year in a fundraising competition put on by the Society.

"I think my odds of winning are 100 percent," she said, confident of her efforts to raise funds for the LLS Woman of the Year title.

But throwing her hat in the ring doesn't mean she's a ringer.

"I don't really know how to play any of these games," she claimed while doing more greeting and gabbing than gambling throughout the night.

"So I'm just blowing on the dice and letting somebody roll for me. I'm lady luck!"

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