Model Sues Google for Skinny on “Skank” Blog Insult

Vogue model Liskula Cohen has a question for Google that she can't just type into the query box: "Who called me a skank?"

The blonde beauty filed a defamation suit in New York City Monday in an effort to force the search-engine giant to reveal the blogger that called her an "old hag" and a "skank," the New York Daily News reported.

The anonymous offender made the claims on the blog "Skanks in NYC" on, which is owned by Google. Cohen was dubbed "#1 skanky superstar."

"I can't begin to imagine why someone would post these things then hide behind a screenname," her lawyer, Steven Wagner, told the News' Jose Martinez. "I guess we're going to have to find out."

Cohen, who hails from Canada, has modeled for Giorgio Armani, Versace and Elle magazine. She is listed at 36-years-old but the blogger called her "40-somthing" and critiques, "yeah she may have been hot 10 years ago, but is it really attractive to watch this old hag straddle dudes in a nightclub or lounge?"

Wagner told the Daily News that it's not easy to unmask anonymous bloggers, and New York courts are generally uncooperative.

"We think we have a case," he told the paper, nevertheless. "This is libelous, it's defamatory and you shouldn't just get away with this."

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