Miss Flying Coach? Me Neither

Can't forget the cramped uncomfortableness of flying coach? You can bring that same feeling to your nightlife experience. Fly Lounge, in Dupont Circle, tries to jet some novelty into the area, with mixed results.

To be fair, Fly Lounge does a decent job of bringing to mind the inside of an airplane, but whether this is a good thing is definitely debatable. The low encroaching ceilings definitely make the place reminiscent of the inside of an airplane cabin. The TV screens on the walls display clouds breezing by a bright blue sky, and it may take some reminding to recall that it's actually the middle of the night. Another nice touch is the cocktail waitresses in full stewardess gear, albeit far skimpier than any I've ever seen on a plane.

That's pretty much where the positives end. There is a difference between intimate and absurdly small, but Fly Lounge doesn't seem to know, or care, what that difference is. They took the already small space and devoted almost half of it to table service by separating it from the main floor with velvet ropes. This, coupled with absurdly expensive drink prices, makes Fly Lounge feel pretentious without merit.

And why in the world do they inexplicably shoot you with a jet of cold fog? I figured the club was decompressing and I kept waiting for oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling and the captain to come on over the speaker and tell me to remain calm. Supposedly it's to keep dancers cool in what can become a smelly and sweaty lounge, but I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that it's to keep you disoriented enough to not think about leaving.

By all means, if you're looking for a lounge with a novel theme, check out Fly Lounge. It's also great if these hard economic times have you forgetting how miserable it is to be stuck in an airplane cabin.

1802 Jefferson Pl. NW, Washington D.C.

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