Miley Cyrus Meets Her Fans For Some Q&A At Access

This weekend, Miley Cyrus is set to make a big splash on the big screen with "Hannah Montana The Movie." And in the run up to the big release, she stopped by Access Hollywood to meet some of her fans.

And a few of her lucky fans got a chance to ask the Disney teen queen about her own life. From dealing with the pressures of fame, to revealing her most embarrassing moment, Miley tackled all of her questions head on.

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Stephanie: How difficult is it for you to keep up with your studies in school with the busy schedule you have with your family?

Miley Cyrus: It can be kind of crazy because I am always really busy. I guess you just gotta find time and cut out moments for things that are important — that's important, my family is important, my friends are important. I do three hours of school a day, but it's not just about that time, it's about finding moments in between to just like, catch your breath a little bit and pick up a good book and hang out or whatever.

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Jacquelyn: How do you deal with all the pressure? Not only are you the biggest stars in the world, but you're a growing teenager. How do you handle it?

Miley: It's mostly just about being careful on who you put in you life and knowing who you [can] trust and who your friends are. The media will pick out people and say, 'Why is she hanging out with her? Why is she hanging out with him?' But for me, I know who the good people are, and who aren't.

Janice: What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever had on stage during a concert?

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Miley: I was dropped one time… I was doing a stunt and I was dropped… It was like hard core in 3D so that was a little embarrassing. But it also was a good learning experience… because I didn't want to do it anymore… I didn't want to get back into the stunt.

Allison: If you could go back to when you were bullied, is there anything you would different now?

Miley: I think I probably would have kept my mouth shut a little bit more. I don't think I would have told as many people, because like I said in my book, the more you mess with things, the worse it gets.

McKinsey: Do you sing in the shower?

Miley: Do you guys know who Kirk Franklin is? He's a gospel singer, he's my favorite person to listen to in the shower. Or maybe your guys' moms know him more, because he's like, the coolest. He sings this song called 'The Revolution.' It's like the greatest song ever, and they talk about Nashville in it.

Allison: Your brother Trace Cyrus has many tattoos and piercings, and I was wondering where would you get pierced or what tattoo would you like?

Miley: I am not real great with pain. [Pain is] not necessarily my favorite thing. I sometimes have to be held down for shots and now that I'm the same size as my mom, that's sometimes really funny… I'm just not good with needles at all, so I don't know, I don't think I could do as many tattoos as Trace, but Trace on his knuckles he has 'Stay Gold' across them, which is from the book, 'The Outsiders.' It's both our favorite book, so I might get something like that.

"I would like something that really means something to me, but I always say that if I get a tattoo, the first thing that I would get is my big sister. She's like the most positive person I know, so I would want to get like, her name on my ear somewhere because she always speaks positive words. So that's probably the only I would ever have the guts to do, but most likely I'll talk mean like, 'Yeah! I'm gonna do this,' and then chicken out because I'm just no good with needles at all so probably not."

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