Miley Cyrus and Max Azria Launch Clothing Line

World Domination Plan: Cue Phase 2

Hold us. We're coming to terms with the fact that we are pretty much the property of a 12-year-old Disney product called Miley Cyrus. Oh, she's actually 16. Fine. Whatever.

She's everywhere, and we're fairly sure if you tug at her face, the outer layer will come off to reveal Agent Smith from "The Matrix."

And now, no one is safe. Think your life is Miley-free because you managed to buy a Thermos that doesn't picture Hannah Montana in a Canadian tuxedo? Wrong!

We've been told that  the Disney diva has extended her reach to nice, seemingly un-Miley clothing.

Max Azria of BCBG is teaming up with The Montana One for a juniors apparel line for Walmart. The line will arrive in all Walmart stores and on in early August, and includes tops, pants, graphic tees, shoes and accessories, priced under $20.

Max, you're a classy man. How could you do such a thing? We're judging you. Silently.

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