Metro Victim's Family Getting Hate Calls

Some folks have great timing to spark an immigration debate

Here's a bit of local classiness on fine display: not all of the calls to the family of Ana Fernandez, one of nine confirmed dead passengers from Monday's Metro crash, have been well-wishing. One might describe some of these callers as, "the definition of evil."

WASHINGTON - The family of a woman killed Monday is dealing with more than just grief in the aftermath of Metro's deadliest accident in history.

The family of Ana Fernandez says they have been getting hate-filled telephone messages about whether or not Fernandez, a mother of six, was a legal immigrant.

Are there, truly, such people out there? They read a Hispanic last name, read that she had immigrated years ago from El Salvador, read all of this in an article about her death in a public transportation crash, and call her sister and six children to badger them with cable news-esque spittle about their deceased family member's immigration status?

They should know that this is not going to win their side much sympathy on Capitol Hill, if it ever considers immigration reform again.

By the way, they're legal.

"Right now, the whole family is in pain. She was here legally, and all her children are legal. They were born here."

She says she's grateful for the genuine expressions of sympathy, but has a message for the people who have been making the harassing calls.

"We all work, OK? And we're going to get through this."

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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