Members of STP, Filter Combine to Form Supergroup

Army of Anyone is born

The DC Scene chatted with Richard Patrick, lead singer of Army Of Anyone, and discussed what's up with his other band, Filter, and where his new band is headed.

DC Scene: Being from bands that were very successful with large fan bases, did you feel added pressure to live up to expectations and create good music?
Richard: The only pressure that we felt was put on by ourselves. We have very high musical standards and we kept challenging each other.

DC Scene: How did Army of Anyone come together?
Richard: I was writing music for the fourth Filter record when Robert and Dean came over and spun my head around. They sat down in my studio to write a song with me and a couple of days later, we decided that the collaboration was just too special to be left to one song.

DC Scene: Do you think you have it cut out easier than other bands having come from successful groups already?
Richard: That's a tricky question. On one hand, we're fortunate enough to have been around the block and have already a massed a great fan base. On the other, we're held to a higher standard than other groups because people expect more from us.

DC Scene: Both Stone Temple Pilots and Filter had signature sounds. By combining these, how do you describe Army of Anyone's style and sound?
Richard: Stylistically, there are some STP and Filter moments on the record, but we are constantly striving for new sounds. This band honors and respects where we come from but we want to forge new ground.

DC Scene: With Richard fronting the band Filter and Dean and Robert having come from Stone Temple Pilots, is it the end for both of those bands?
Richard: Army of Anyone is our priority and we consider it our future.

DC Scene: Filter had a pretty heavy rock sound, and then one of your big hits, "Take a Picture", receives Top-40 radio airplay and falls into regular rotation on MTV. This being a lighter style song and becoming very popular .... did it have any influence on your future writing?
Richard: A song's success never really has an effect on what I want to do musically. I write music to satisfy a musical urge.

DC Scene: Being clean and sober now for a few years, has this had any influence on your musicianship?
Richard: Absolutely. Drugs and alcohol slowed down my creativity. Now there's nothing in between me and my music.

DC Scene: What is the focus of the new record ......... Like what are the songs about?
Richard: This record is about love, hate, loss, the war in Iraq, the earth's fragility, terrorism, sobriety, a good woman, self-acceptance, nuclear proliferation and much, much more.

DC Scene: The disc comes out in November: what do you got going on until then?
Richard: I'm hanging out with the band and playing great music.

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