Batman Is a Lipstick Lesbian

So now that Batman's DC comics successor, red-headed lesbian Kathy Kane (aka Batwoman), has been revealed, how long will it be until old Bruce Wayne is miraculously reincarnated? Part of this summer's Batman storyline will revolve around a battle to be the top-Bat that will make the Israeli election look like a smooth transition.

The funniest part about the big reveal is when anyone acts like they are striking a blow for equal rights by having the story feature an outed gay character. "If people are going to have problems with it, that's their issue; it's certainly not mine," DC writer Greg Rucka told Comic Book Resources. The first thing to consider here is that, well, she's a comic book character breaking the gay superhero barrier — hardly the equivalent  of Rosa Parks. The second thing is that she is the very essence of a male dominatrix fantasy, thought up by a group of horny comics geeks. Kathy Kane, "lesbian socialite by night, crime fighter by later at night" goes the DC tagline, is a 5'10" Amazon in latex and thigh-high red leather boots with flowing raven hair. So we are not talking about Emma Goldman here. Anyway, didn't Xena Warrior Princess already break this barrier?

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