Meatopia Trophy Rests in DC


Bev Eggleston, owner and president of EcoFriendly Foods, returned to D.C. from Brooklyn Sunday with a special souvenir: the Meatopia Trophy.  He and the rest of his Meatopia team (Sean Brock and Rodney Scott) wowed the crowd at the second annual "celebration of meat" event with thier cross-bred pig, slowcooked Carolina-style.

Meatopia, dubbed "the Woodstock of Edible Animals," was a culinary carnival of sorts held Saturday in Brooklyn Bridge Park. With live music, access to farmers and more than 45 creative chefs from across the nation offering up carnivorous eats, the snout-to-tail soiree put Eggleston in his element.

"It's about promoting the animals, but also the parts of the animals that are not well known -- the conscious carnivore sector," he explained.

"I think we had no chance of losing," he said. "But we didn't even know it was a competition until they announced us. We went from doing it for the fun of it to winning what's probably the largest meat gathering there is!"

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