Mayor Vincent Gray: Next Oprah?

"Gray's role as host made it feel more like a performance review than anything else, like if David Letterman stopped inviting celebrities on his show and started talking to the guy who operates the camera about his job."


That's DCist's Aaron Morrissey on Mayor Vince Gray's talk show "Inside One City … Conversations with DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray" that airs on public access Channel 16. From what I gather, the next Oprah, Gray is not.

"The Mayor did his best Charlie Rose impression he could, but not even a man as adept at interviewing people as Rose could have saved this ship," writes Morrissey. Ouch. But the night wasn't a total loss, as #vincegrayshouseband started to trend on Twitter with snarky house band suggestions. Vinnie & The Jets anyone?

- CT


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