Maybe the Wizards Should Confirm This Guy

Holder confident his New York game may stand up to Obama 1-on-1

WASHINGTON -- In a lighter moment during Eric Holder's confirmation hearing Thursday, President-elect Barack Obama's choice for attorney general touted his New York City game.

Obama's passion for the game and joy for shooting hoops are much talked about, and the president-elect has even joked that he is assembling the best basketball-playing Cabinet in history.

Asked if he would do his best to humiliate Obama on the basketball court if they ever play one-on-one, Holder bragged a bit about his own game but conceded victory to the boss.

"He's 10 years younger than me," Holder replied. "He plays a lot more frequently than I do. Having said that, I have a New York City game. I come from the city that produced Connie Hawkins, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nate "Tiny" Archibald. I learned how to play ball on PS127 in Queens. If you give me a little time and a little space to get back in shape, I think I can hang with him."

But Holder conceded he doesn't think he'll "ever be in a position to beat him."

"Nor do I think that would be a wise thing to do," he said.

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