Maryland Pride Uniforms Being Prepared For Retail

The love ‘em or hate ‘em, Maryland Pride uniforms the team debuted in their opening game this season will be coming to a retail store near you, just in time for the holidays.

“The production of the jerseys is going to happen right after the [Notre Dame] game we’re playing in November, so they want to have the jerseys available around Thanksgiving for Christmas,” said Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson, according to Washington Business Journal.

Don’t forget your Hanukkah and Kwanzaa celebrating fans!

The news is good for everyone except the poor fools who spent a combined $13,473 to purchase one of ten jerseys at auction after the University said that the jerseys would not be marketed for retail.

According to the Business Journal, the jerseys won’t be hard to come by.

An initial order of a couple hundred jerseys will be made available through Under Armour's website, as well as through the Maryland athletics' site, near the end of October. From there, a limited run of 2,000 uniforms will initially be made available at sporting goods stores across the state, said Nate Pine, Maryland’s deputy athletic director in charge of external operations.

They haven’t announced a price point for the jerseys yet, so start saving your allowance. Descriptors like "limited run" usually mean "not cheap".

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