Mary J. Blige Opens Fillmore Tonight

Tickets sold out long ago for Mary J. Blige at the Fillmore, where the queen of hip-hop will become the first performer to headline a show at the hotly anticipated Fillmore tonight.

The new Silver Spring venue, which seats 2,000 people, will be the sixth Fillmore to open in the United States.

The original Fillmore in San Francisco was known as the center of the counterculture music scene in the '60s, featuring acts such as the Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Pink Flord and more. It was named for its original location at the intersection of Fillmore Street and Geary Boulevard. explains:

Always, a Fillmore ticket was a ticket to see and hear the most exciting up-and-coming talents, in an exciting place, the place where it was all happening. It wasn't only because you'd be as likely to see Miles Davis opening for the Grateful Dead as a three night run of Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service with the Mothers of Invention opening the show. Partly, it was the free apples in the gleaming copper bucket at the top of the ruby-carpeted stairway. Or the catered New Year's Day breakfasts ("with no powdered eggs, either") Bill served for 1,200 afer a twelve-hour music and dancing marathon.

Silver Spring's new hot spot already celebrated Monday night with a free open house, hosted by Cerphe Colwell of WHFS history and featuring tours, cocktails and a few smaller live music acts.

If you weren't lucky enough to snap up tix for Mary J., you'll have abundant other opps to see the Fillmore. The space has a hot lineup for its first couple of months that also includes John Legend (Sept. 17), Blondie (Sept. 20), Deadmau5 (Sept. 21-22), Primus (Sept. 24), Cheap Trick (Sept. 27), Joe Jonas and Jay Sean (Oct. 5), Blue October (Oct. 14), Lewis Black (Oct. 23) and Moby (Oct. 26).

"This is a chance to create something special for the entire community," said House of Blues CEO Ron Bension. "The Fillmore legacy beginning in the '60s and continuing into the present is the embodiment of an amazing musical experience for fans and artists. We're excited and feel fortunate to have Mary J. Blige as our opening act."

Blige released her latest album Tuesday, titled "My Life II, The Story Continues."

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