Marvelous Market Founder’s Says No to Ben’s, Cafe Milano

He loathes professional sports too

Marvelous Market

We're not sure at what age crankiness begins, but looking over Mark Furstenberg's interview with The Washington Examiner, it might be safe to say 71 is a good number.

The founder of Marvelous Market, Breadline and G Street Food used to be "an avid Orioles and Colts fan," but now loathes professional sports.

He also doesn't think much of Ben's Chili Bowl. "I think it's one of those icons that achieved iconic status undeservedly. I think its food is awful," he said.

He wasn't too revved about The Examiner's other choices of the Old Ebbitt Grill or Café Milano ("so pretentious") either.

And forget about asking him about the best place for late-night eats.

Furtsenberg, who was on the White House staff in the Kennedy administration, wasn't all grumpy old man, especially when it came to his sister's bookstore, Politics and Prose -- "there's no bookstore remotely as good" or waxing on the where to watch nicely dressed people (CityZen).

He even chose the Tidal Basin in the spring as Washington's most romantic spot. Aaaawwww....

And he loves spending time in musuems, like the National Gallery and the Phillips gallery.

Of course, maybe Furstenberg wasn't really being crotchety when he asked the interviewer if she was crazy and what did he know about late nights.

He did, after all, answer that the embarrassing part of living in D.C. "ended with George Bush."

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