Martell Webster Forgets Keys In Kansas City, Sleeps In Car

BREAKING NEWS here at "Capital Games": The Washington Wizards open the 2012-13 season Tuesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yeah, I had forgotten, too, but at least I'm not as forgetful as Martell Webster.

The Wizards played an exhibition game last Wednesday in Kansas City (a 101-94 victory over the defending champion Miami Heat), and it wasn't until the team arrived back at Dulles early Saturday that Webster realized he had left his keys in K.C.

Luckily, Webster had an app on his smartphone that prevented him from being locked out -- I wish the NHL had one of those, too -- and he waited for his wife to pick him up:

“Good thing I have a wife that loves me. She came and got me,” Webster said. “I slept in my car for two hours, I’m not going to lie. I called my wife I was like, ‘You know what it is 3:30. I’ll let you sleep a couple more hours but you need to come get me.’ And she got me we’re good.

“As long as I had shelter I was good,” Webster said. “By the time I had figured out my keys were in Kansas City everybody was gone. I didn’t want to call anybody, I didn’t mind. I’m from the Northwest, we do weird stuff like sleep in our cars – not a problem. If you haven’t slept in your car then you’re weird”

Put me down for "weird," then.

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