Maned Wolf Pups Make Wacky Facial Expressions

The six-week-old pups get a cute/angsty vet visit.

8 photos
National Zoo
We're pretty sure this is the literal definition of "Baroo?"
These pics were snapped during a vet visit on Thursday, Feb. 16, so we can't really blame this little one for the freaked-out
National Zoo
Gotta wear gloves when handling these balls of cuteness. They're WOLVES. Cute, cute, cute wolves.
National Zoo
The four pups were born Jan. 5 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va. Maned wolf pups have a 50 percent mortality rate in their first month; these critters are now past that milestone.
National Zoo
There are only about 20,000 left in the wild, and they are difficult to breed under human care. This litter is especially important because their father is genetically valuable.
National Zoo
Flashback: One of the first pics the zoo released of the pups, back in January.
National Zoo
Not. enough. words. EVER.
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