Lottery Sells Out of Lucky 1549

The passengers of Flight 1549 are lucky to be alive and a whole lot of Connecticut residents are hoping those number are lucky for them too.  There were too many people, in fact.  The lottery sold out of those numbers.

The Connecticut Lottery sold out out of 1-5-4-9 in Thursday night’s “Play 4", since the number of tickets for any given combination are limited for liability reasons. 

By 10 a.m. Friday, the numbers were sold out again for Friday’s "Play 4" afternoon drawing.  And for the evening drawing.

Terminals automatically shut down when enough tickets are sold that the payout would be $8 million or more because it won't be profitable for the state, Diane Patterson, of the Connecticut Lottery, said.

The numbers are sold out when 1,600 $1 tickets or 3,200 50-cent tickets are sold for the same numbers. This often happens with numbers like 1111 and 1110, she said.

So far, none of the "Play 4" drawings have been 1-5-4-9.

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