New Year, New Look…Please

It's a new year. Don't you think it's time these celebs freshened up their looks a bit? We have some suggestions...

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Telemundo San Antonio
Robert Smith, we loved you and The Cure back in the 80's, but please lose the makeup. For hair styles, we turned to Johnny Depp for a potential fresh look. Welcome to the human race.
Speaking of goth...Marilyn. A little guyliner goes a long way. So, tone it down a little bit. Take a trip to a tanning salon. Maybe grow some eyebrows, like fellow vampire (sorta), Robert Pattinson, of "Twilight." Mr. Pattinson's lips look pretty good without the six pounds of lipstick smeared around them.
Good on ya, Ron Howard! You are one of the proud few who made some graceful updates to your look. We wouldn't change a thing.
Prince George's County Police
George Hamilton: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE change the color. Honestly. We are done with orange. Perhaps some inspiration from the Incredible Hulk might get some new ideas moving? We promise not to make you angry....
"Absolutely Ellen." When going for a makeover, Dr. Phil should definitely lose the 'stache and go for a Degeneres 'do. Is it just us, or does he look like Owen Wilson with his makeover?
Yes. Okay. We get it, Fabio. Long locks work astonishingly well for men on the covers of romance novels. However, we suggest taking a page from Brad Pitt's book and chop off the golden tresses. Maybe a mustache? Maybe not.
Donald Trump, if you insist on continuing to sport the worst comb-over in the history bad hair, we have one word for you: accessorize. Perhaps you can borrow a hat from T-Pain. If you ask nicely, DMX may donate an earring.
Well, Ozzy, we're really not sure what to do with you. We just ask that you change your look before you turn into Diane Keaton.
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