Loitering Cat Finally Identified by Authorities

Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Remember way, way back (like, last week?) when we proudly announced that the cat/human superiority battle ended after an eight-day standoff? Turns out, all that time, someone was actually waiting to get that diabolical kitty back.

We are concerned that the owners have no clue that this kitty is able to control dozens of people and authorities ranging from the Humane Society of Washington County to several local firefighters. After all, this Cat With a Will of Steel hung out in a Hagerstown tree for eight days, only to climb higher when good Samaritans tried to rescue him. He was about 80 feet high by the time Garrett Tharp of the Doctor Tree trimming business finally brought Boots down.

Wait a sec, did we just call him Boots? Yep! Turns out that's his name. The 10-month-old Boots belongs to a six-year-old girl, Alyssa Piper, who lives in Hagerstown with her mom. They were out of town when Boots decided to take his little jaunt. They were finally reunited (and it feels so good) yesterday.

Alyssa's mom, Jessica, said that Alyssa was thrilled to have him back and considers him a “movie star” due to all the publicity he got, reported The Herald-Mail.

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