Live in Adams Morgan? Wine About It

A new wine shop aims to please the locals


You might think that the A.M. Wine Shoppe (2122 18th St. N.W.) is encouraging you to booze in the mornings, but we promise you that the "A.M." in the name just stands for Adams Morgan. The wine shop opened last month at the corner of Wyoming and 18th streets N.W.

Owner Justin Abad -- also a co-owner of Cashion's Eat Place -- promises to make the process of selecting the perfect wine as approachable as possible. "I don’t think [wine] should be... perceived as something that we have on a pedestal," he said. "It’s organic, it’s alive, it’s fruit, it’s agriculture. It’s part of a great experience that you want to be able to talk about that funny story you shared with someone and say, 'oh and remember that great bottle we were having'." 

While Abad was living in Italy, he found himself enchanted by the culture's approach to what is important -- it always revolved around the table, and he decided to bring that here. So his A.M. Wine Shop wine is more focused on complementing the experience of shared moments. Shucks, doesn't that sound sweet?

To do that, Abad says you need to take out the ego out of wine, and just go for what you like. To pick out the perfect wine for each of his customers, he begins with this question: "If you could be drinking anything right now, what would you be sipping on?" From there your personal experience begins. 

So whether you’ve had a long day at work and you want to pick up a nice bottle for your evening night cap or picking out something nice for a friend, stop by for bottles that generally fall between $10 and $30. For those of you looking for the perfect bottle for you and your S.O. to share, Abad recommends Red Ink, a California wine with Old World-style and a romantic crowd-approved label.

The shop hosts daily tastings from 6-8 p.m. during the week and also has a selection of prepared sandwiches made from their fresh deli meats. Oh, and if you live in the neighborhood, ask for your 10-percent discount. See? It's totally a neighborhood wine shop.

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