Lion Cubs Get Adorable Vet Exam

The National Zoo has two litters of cubs right now. The younger set born Sept. 22, had their first vet exam Oct. 6.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Vets checked the cubs' mouths and eyes, listened to their hearts and lungs, and felt their bellies. The babies are still too young for shots. (Smart move, babies!)
John Hancock
The cubs were born six-year-old mom Nababiep and five-year-old dad Luke. He's also dad to four other cubs.
John Hancock
The cubs now weigh between 7 and 8 pounds. It's still a little early to tell, but two appear to be male, and one female. Their sibling litter consists of three females and one male.
News4 I-Team
You can see pics from their older sibs' first vet visit here, or watch the cub cam <a href="" target=blankhere.
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