Burglars Yes, But the Mess Is All Lindsay

Turns out burglars did try to break into Lindsay Lohan’s pigsty Hollywood home.

On Tuesday it was reported that cops were summoned to Lohan’s house because an alarm was tripped. The cops looked inside and thought the home had been ransacked. The cops recanted because they found out that the mess was all Lilo’s

But now the cops have changed their story yet again. The LAPD released a statement and a set of photographs Thursday night showing a pair of thieves trying to pry open the door of the actress’ home. They were not able to enter, thus Lohan is still responsible for her nasty housekeeping skills, but at least she has a functional alarm.

The statement says just before 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, surveillance photos captured a 4-door gray Dodge Magnum station wagon with paper plates and custom wheels parked in front of the home with two men inside.  While the driver stayed in the vehicle, the passenger walked through a gate and entered the backyard of the residence

He tried to gain entry by using an unknown type tool to pry open a back window and door.  After the unsuccessful attempt, the suspects drove off.

Nothing was taken from the home.

Lohan still hasn’t released a statement about the incident.

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