Lenny Dykstra – Classy After All These Years

Lenny Dykstra fans of yore, take heart.

Sure the frenetic, trap-flapping ex Met and beloved former Phillie is now an investing genius and car-wash kingpin. But when he made an appearance in Manhattan court yesterday to cut a deal with a firm that claims he stiffed them out of more than $100,000, Dykstra opened his mouth and began yapping like the old days. While no tobacco flew out, Nails proved that he's still as classy as ever.

The brash World Series winner left court  with the same kind of belligerent swagger that made us all fall in love with him in the first place. He then assaulted the court reporters with an unrelenting series of  "bro"-laced non-sequiturs and jammed handfuls of Twizzlers into his maw.

It was Classic Dykstra: rife with the kind of bravado that made him reviled and revered among fans -- and, well, every human he encounters. It also proves that just because licorice is now considered Dykstra's "principal vice" doesn't mean that an encounter with the former player isn't  going to feel any less like a drug-addled haze. 

So, in case you missed it, here are a few classic gems from yesterday's encounters:

And to think, the Mets traded him for Juan Samuel.

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