Leis Are the New Pearls in Georgetown

Tiki bar to add a new dimension

Argyle knickers are a-twist in Georgetown today, after the chic North Dakota Farmer's Association restaurant, Agraria, announced plans to add a tiki-bar to its waterfront patio.

Is tiki tacky? Agraria owner Motruk Loy says no.

"The decor of the restaurant won't change too much," promises Loy. "We're making it a little more casual and we'll soften it up a bit."

Under the deft direction of Urbana mix-doctor Kevin Rogers, the menu will get a facelift to match the decor's. Rogers is said to be experimenting with mai tais, scorpion bowls, fog cutters, and other retro rum drinks to add to the bars repertoire.

3000 K St. Washington Harbour
Washington D.C., 20007

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