Lauren Conrad Leaving ‘The Hills' To ‘Stay Sane'

After five juicy seasons of "The Hills," the cameras and semi-scripted encounters will stop for series star Lauren Conrad – a decision she made to keep her sanity intact.

"My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it's still a great thing. I always want to remember it that way," Lauren told Seventeen magazine in its April issue. "I gave MTV a deadline and said, 'This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.'"

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"Honestly, it's difficult for me remember what I was like before I had a mic taped to me. But I think I've become a little bit more independent and not quite as… I don't want to say it, but pathetic," the young star said of her growth during her time on the MTV series. "There are episodes that I watch when I actually annoy myself. I just want to be like, 'Get it together!'"

And while fans of the show might think otherwise, Lauren does not consider herself a drama queen.

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"I think that there are times when I get caught up in the drama and I get upset. I can be a little sensitive to things, but I don't think I ever wake up in the morning intending to cause problems," she explained to the mag. "I think that there are definitely people who thrive on drama and they enjoy it. They need to keep their lives exciting. I'm happiest when I'm boring."

Gossip Web sites and fan blogs have buzzed with the drama surrounding her rumored relationship with actor Kyle Howard – someone Lauren will not call her boyfriend.

"He's a friend. I'm a fan of labels. But, girlfriend doesn't always look good on me. Ha!" she said.

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"My last boyfriend, Jason, and I lived together after two months! And it's not like I want to date other people. It's just that I've done the rush job, and it doesn't turn out well," Lauren continued. "It's important to take a long time to get to know someone before you fully commit yourself to them. The best relationships are kind of like friendships."

Speaking of Lauren's friendships, she said even though "The Hills" appears to be coming to an end, her friends all have big plans on the horizon.

"Audrina wants to act. Lo wants to host TV shows. Whitney has 'The City.' I'll have more time to write. I'll have the clothing line to focus on more. And I'm really interested in working behind the camera and producing," said Lauren, who is penning a series of novels based on her life.

According to the former "Laguna Beach" girl, she and Audrina have mended their friendship.

"It's taking work, but I think we are going to be fine. I think the thing is that no one can really understand what we are going through except each other," she said. "Whitney is in New York— Heidi and I don't speak— so Audrina and I really have to depend on each other at times, because we really understand what the other is going through. When we're not speaking, it's really difficult for both of us."

As for Lauren's sometimes foes, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Lauren thinks they're not going anywhere.

"More music videos? Ha! I don't know," Lauren said with a laugh when asked about the duo's "post-Hills" plans.

Adding, " I do believe they plan to take over the world

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