Lauren Bush: Model, Entrepreneur, Designer (Be Jealous)

Lauren Bush -- G.W.’s niece, G.H.W.’s granddaughter and Marvin’s daughter -- was in town to celebrate her appearance on the dramatic cover of Capitol File's spring issue.

The anthrolopogy major from Princeton didn't exactly seem destined to wind up in the fashion business. Bush had modeled while in high school and college, but quit after graduation (or so she'd thought).

"It was something I sort of fell into, but enjoyed because it gave me a unique and fun introduction to the fashion industry," Bush said. "I was attracted to studying anthropology in college because I have always loved traveling and have always been fascinated with other cultures and traditions.”  

So how did she go from being a model to an advocate of world hunger?

“When I was a student, I had the amazing opportunity of traveling the world with the UN World Food Programme as their honorary student spokesperson. And it was through that experience that I designed the first FEED bag [six years ago] to benefit their School Feeding Operations around the world."

Yep, those same rustic-looking bags you may have noticed available at Whole Foods. The FEED 1 bag, for example, retails for around $60. Proceeds provide one African child school lunch for an entire year. The FEED 100 bag, for $30, provides 100 school meals to schoolchildren in Rwanda.

In 2007, Bush launched a company, FEED Projects, which also sells T-shirts, jewelry, baby bibs, backpacks and more. Each item in comes with a explanation of where the proceeds will go.

"Modeling was never my true calling, but I think I have found it in the melding of design and philanthropy," Bush said. Not a bad blend at all.

Guests at Capitol File's spring issue party, by the way, could purchase FEED bags to benefit the project -- in case you're wondering why everyone is suddenly carrying one this week.

So what's next for Lauren Bush? "I am always working on a new idea," she said. "I love being creative and then seeing my ideas come to fruition; it is so satisfying!  And it is doubly satisfying because my ideas are ultimately about helping others. The nice thing about being young is that I still think I can do it all, and I hope that is always my attitude!"  

Meanwhile, D.C. was once again a family affair this week -- her grandfather and her uncle George W. were in town for a tribute/lovefest to George H.W. Bush for his Points of Light Institute benefit at the Kennedy Center.

The Capitol File magazine cover party was held at The Collection at Chevy Chase to celebrate its 5th Anniversary.

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