Lanier's All Hands Declared A Success (Again)

From the Washington City Paper blog City Desk

Last weekend, City Desk broke the news of the D.C. Police Department’s checkpoint setup in Petworth. There’s been tons of criminal activity in that neighborhood of late–which we’ve covered extensively. Some of the police tactics we’ve debated as well—namely its new policing-through-e-mail tactic.

But Lanier remains a staunch supporter of her All-Hands-On-Deck program. AHOD had another installment last weekend. A few days ago, D.C. Police compiled stats on this latest all-out policing tactic and issued a handy release. Lanier’s stats are hard to argue against:

“MPD officers made 479 arrests, recovered 21 firearms, and seized $11,220 worth of drugs. During AHOD, all available sworn MPD personnel were on patrol throughout the District emphasizing community policing, focused law enforcement and community outreach. This included increased foot beats, homicide detectives following up with victims, and recruits passing out specific crime related information.”

Of course, how many of those arrests were no-papered or for small stuff like drinking-in-public or carrying a bong from your Honda to your apartment? And we aren’t given comparable stats for an average weekend.

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